Assignments Calendar

9/3/14- class puzzle mural
9/2/14- bell work, fill out rules sheet, select storage space

work on all 4 panel's of your pop art project. each one needs to be different colors . due fri 15

10/28/13- introduction to pop art 
10/29/13- brainstorm as a class what is popular in today's culture 
10/30/13-select one popular item form today's culture and practice drawing it
10/31/13- intro to 4 step pop art project
11/1/13- start drawing first panel 

10/22/13- intro to paint mixing / paint skulls 

10/17/13- start creating you day of the dead skull out of clay
10/16/13- introduction to Dia de Los Muertos
10-15-13- Bearden collage due
10-14-13- You will have a sub please work on your collages quietly

10-8-13- start Bearden inspired collage
10-7-13- introduction to African American artist Romare Bearden
10- 4- 13- best two water color paintings due

 9.16.13- spray paint sculpture
 9.17.13- work packet
9.18.13- continue spraying
9.19.13- intro to simple animals
9.20.13- continue drawing animals/ word world video

  9/9/13- make 4 squares with 4 different still life objects
9/10/13- start using water color pencil to fill in your 4 drawn squares
9/11/13- at the end of class still life squares are due
9/12/13- intro to Louise Nevelson and sculptures
9/13/13- start assembling sculptures  

9/3/13- intro to name kaliedeskopes
9/4/13-start designing and coloring
9/5/13- kaliedeskopes due at the end of class
9/6/13- intro to still life

 8/27/13- intro to class/ fun drawing exercise
8/28/13- introduction to our first group project
8/29/13- work on class project
8/30/13-continue working on class project

April 29/May 3
Mon- Intro to 1 pt perspective connective picture
Tue- start drawing
Wed- draw
Thur- add color to drawing
Fri- turn in 1 pt perspective connective drawing
April- 22-26
Mon- woke on 1 pt perspective names
Tue- testing
Fri- turn in  1 pt perspective name drawing
 April 15-19
Mon- intro to shading and drawing background for portrait picture
Tue- paint

April 8-12
Mon- intro to drawing portraits
Tue- intro to drawing profiles
Wed- drawing a mix of the two faces
Thur- start painting final art draft
Fri- paint

March 25- 28
Mon- No School
Tue- finish silhouette
Wed-practice shading w/ only black and white
Thur- practice shading with black and only one color
March 18- 22
Mon- intro to silhouette and tinting
Tue- start tinted background
Wed- draw silhouette on canvas with pencil
Thur- paint in silhouette w/ black paint
Fri- finish silhouette painting

March 11- 15
Mon- continue to color background for Celtic display case
Tue- demo on using acrylic paints/ begin painting
Wed- painting
Thur-painting add clear coat
Fri- due
March 4- 8
Mon- Introduction to Celtic art with lecture
Tue- watch movie "Secret of Kells"
Wed- finish movie and start to design personal Celtic symbol
Thur- Sculpt Celtic symbol out of clay
Fri -finish sculpting symbol and color in background paper for display

Feb. 25- March 1
Mon- introduction to letter morph project
Tue- sketch book assignment
Wed- continue working on letter morph
Thur- add color to letter morph
Fri- letter morph is due

Feb. 18- 22
Mon- Presentation on Adinkra clothes
Tue- draw two Adinkra symbols and their meanings on Styrofoam
Wed- pick two colors to use and print your symbols on cloth
Thur- sew your cloth together to create a beanbag
Fri- play game as a class and use your Adinkra cloth bewanbags

 Feb. 11-15
Mon- intro to pop art
Tue- start 2 pop art designs
Wed- trace your 2 pop art designs into your four squares on your white paper
Thur- use water color pencil to color in your designs
Fri- add sharpie to your pop art designs

 Feb. 4-8 
Mon- Intro to still life  (demo on drawing)
Tue- introduction to multiple drawing materials
Wed- still life
Thur- still life
Fri- cut and mat still life and hang to display

Jan. 28- Feb. 1 
Mon- Intro to group project
Tue-sketch out puzzle piece to group project
Wed- work on oil pastel group project
Thur-  continue working
Fri- Assemble group project  

 Jan. 23-25
MON- No School
TUE- Intro to class rules, designate shelves  and class ice breaker
WED- create artistic sketchbook
THUR- continue working on sketchbook
FRI- Turn in sketchbook for first grade 

1st Semester
Abstract color still life is due

all 6 optical illusion designs must be glued onto a assembled cube.

All of your optical illusions must be drawn and glued onto your cube. 

You must have 2 completed optical illusions by the end of class today. 

 You must finish your abstracted still life by the end of class today

10/29/12- 11/2/12
M- Finish painting Day of the Dead skulls
 T- Sub/ No school
W- Start drawing front and side view  faces
TH- Finish drawing faces and finish painting skulls
F- Pimp the face drawing online

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