Sunday, April 28, 2013

1 point perspective connection

Here are some creative examples of how to incorporate 1 point perspective shapes into a creative picture.

Goal of the lesson- create at least 5 different 1 point perspective shapes and figure out a creative way to connect them all by adding holes to the shapes. 

I will be looking for
* at LEAST 5 DIFFERENT shapes
* create a subject  matter in to connect all your shapes into a coherent picture
* all shapes must have 2 holes and a connecting tube
* make it as colorful as you can*

Thursday, April 18, 2013

one point perspective

Perspective is the way we view something. All of you will learn about using a 1 point perspective to create your name in block letters. Below is a video that will instruct you to get started. 

Goal- You all will be drawing your name in one point perspective and then coloring it in with colored pencil. I would like to see some type of color scheme or pattern on the front of your letters.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

portrait background

Now that you have finished painting your portrait with both a warm and cool color tint it is now time to focus on the background. 

In your background you must have a a line pattern. It maybe contain anything from zig-zags to circles as long it is a repeating pattern. Once you have drawn your pattern it is time to shade it. You will pick two completely different warm and cool colors to use in your background. You will be creating a variety of 'shades"( adding black) and painting in the ENTIRE background.

Sunday, April 7, 2013


Drawing a proportional face is key to making a person look realistic and not cartoon like. You all are going to be learning the "RULES" to drawing a GREAT looking face.

1.To start drawing everyone will make and EGG HEAD
2. draw line of symmetry 
3. make a line horizontally in the middle of the face (eyes)
4. make another small line half way between the middle of the egg and the bottom of the egg (nose)
5. 1/4 draw another line